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AX Vannstoppeventil (sort)

kr 3.000,00

Not a drop of problems

WaterStop allows you to remotely shut off the water at a facility with an Ajax security system. The device combines a high-quality valve and a powerful electric actuator with a control unit connected to an Ajax hub via the Jeweller encrypted radio protocol. You can control WaterStop from anywhere in the world. Check the device status and change the valve position at any moment — all you need is an Internet connection and the Ajax app.

If LeaksProtect or a third-party water leak detector is triggered, WaterStop will automatically shut off the water in 5 seconds. At the same time, all Ajax users and the security company receive a notification about the alarm and scenario activation. In addition to the water leak alarm scenario, it is possible to set the water shut-off at a specific time or when the security system is armed.

NB! Denne må monteres av rørlegger!

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